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Importance of Drone Video Footage In Metro Detroit

At Make The Turn, we believe in the power of stunning visuals to tell a compelling story. Drone video footage has become an essential tool for companies and nonprofits in Metro Detroit and throughout Michigan to showcase their offerings from a unique and engaging perspective. From golf courses and real estate properties to small businesses and corporate events, drone footage provides an aerial view that traditional cameras simply can’t match.

Why Choose Drone Video Footage?

  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: Drone footage captures breathtaking aerial views, perfect for highlighting the expansive beauty of a golf course in Metro Detroit, the layout of a real estate property in Michigan, or the dynamic atmosphere of a corporate event in Detroit.

  2. Cost-Effective Marketing: High-quality drone footage can be used across various platforms, providing a great return on investment by attracting more attention and engagement. This, in turn, can lead to increased sales and leads for businesses in Metro Detroit.

  3. Versatility: Drones are incredibly versatile and can be used in numerous settings. At Make The Turn, we’ve worked with a diverse range of clients across Michigan, including golf courses, real estate companies, small businesses, and event organizers. Each project benefits from the unique angles and sweeping shots that drones provide.

  4. Storytelling: Drone footage allows you to tell your story in a visually dynamic way. Imagine a golf tournament in Metro Detroit’s story told from above, capturing the excitement and scale of the event.

  5. Improved ROI: Investing in drone footage can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. The captivating visuals help to attract more viewers, which can translate into higher engagement, more leads, and ultimately, better sales figures for Michigan businesses.

Real-World Applications

  • Golf Courses: Highlighting the beauty and challenge of each hole from an aerial perspective can attract golf enthusiasts and potential members across Michigan.

  • Real Estate: Providing potential buyers with a bird’s-eye view of properties in Metro Detroit can lead to quicker sales and higher engagement.

  • Corporate Events: Capturing the scale and energy of your events from above can enhance your promotional materials and increase future attendance in Detroit.

  • Small Businesses: From restaurants to retail stores, drone footage can set your Michigan business apart by offering a fresh and engaging view of your operations and environment.

  • Tourism and Hospitality: Showcasing the scenic beauty of destinations in Michigan and the amenities of hotels and resorts can attract more tourists and guests.

  • Construction and Development: Offering a comprehensive view of construction projects, progress updates, and completed structures can impress stakeholders and potential investors in Detroit.

  • Agriculture: Monitoring large fields and crop health from above can lead to better resource management and higher yields in Michigan’s agricultural sector.

  • Education: Universities and schools in Metro Detroit can use drone footage to provide virtual tours, attracting prospective students and their families.

Boosting Sales and Leads

Drone footage is not just about creating beautiful visuals; it’s a strategic investment in your marketing arsenal. By capturing attention and engaging potential customers, drone videos can significantly boost your sales and lead generation efforts. The aerial perspectives can highlight unique selling points and make your promotional materials more compelling, leading to better conversion rates and improved ROI for Metro Detroit businesses.

Expert Insights

Our Director of Media, George Fox, emphasizes the impact of drone footage:

“Drone video footage has revolutionized the way we capture and present visual content. It allows us to showcase our clients' offerings in a way that's both captivating and informative. The elevated perspectives provide a fresh look at familiar scenes, making them far more engaging.”

"Embracing drone video footage in Metro Detroit has been transformative for our clients. It's not just about visuals—it's about elevating brand presence and boosting business outcomes across the region."

“At Make The Turn, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help our clients stand out. Drone footage has proven to be an invaluable tool in our arsenal. It not only enhances the visual appeal of our projects but also tells a story that resonates with the audience, ultimately driving more leads and sales.”


Drone video footage is more than just a trend; it’s a powerful tool that can elevate your marketing strategy and drive business results. Whether you’re a golf course in Metro Detroit looking to attract new members, a real estate agent wanting to showcase properties in Michigan, or a business aiming to capture the essence of your events, drone footage can provide the edge you need. At Make The Turn, we’re passionate about helping our clients succeed, and we believe drone footage is a key component in achieving that success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how drone video footage can benefit your company or nonprofit in Metro Detroit, contact us at Make The Turn. Let’s take your visuals to new heights and boost your business together!

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