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Matt Kowalis

Matt Kowalis is the Digital Media Coordinator for Make The Turn. As the Digital Media Coordinator, Kowalis focuses on ensuring that the everyday duties of each client are met and satisfied. This can include daily emails, phone calls, meetings, business visits, adjustments, and more.

As Digital Media Coordinator, Kowalis bridges the gap between the client and digital media advertising. Kowalis has had extensive success in advertising through social media, podcasting, influencer marketing, and more. Furthermore, Kowalis helps brands to make the turn into a new age of marketing. Through social media, video, podcasting, influencer marketing, and more.

Kowalis studied at Central Michigan University and graduated with a degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science. While also minoring in Business Administration and Marketing. In addition, Kowalis has developed expertise in client relations and social media marketing due to his success in developing his brand Serenity Medical CBD. Because of his experience with his brand, Matt brings extensive knowledge in social media marketing, influencer marketing, content blogging, and more.

Another aspect that Kowalis has excelled, is video content and interviews. Kowalis has been a member of the Channel 7 FanDuel Sportsbook Show with Mike Sullivan for over 2 years and is currently a member of WagerTalk TV.

Kowalis has conducted many interviews with top athletes and entertainers around the world today and we believe this can be essential in bridging the gap with brands and social media marketing. Kowalis has extensive experience with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok as well. We believe his knowledge on social media and content creation to be essential for Make the Turn customer satisfaction and the growth of partnered brands.

Matt Kowalis

Digital Media Coordinator

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