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George Fox

George Fox, a true Michigander from Clio, grew up as the youngest in a family of six, with a passion for the outdoors, photography, and technology. His early interests in exploring nature, gaming on platforms like Atari and Apple IIgs, and filmmaking set the foundation for his creative career. George was the first in his family to graduate college, earning a degree in Telecommunications with a focus on Digital Media Arts from Michigan State University, where he was actively involved in the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

Starting his career at a CBS affiliate station in Lansing as a Production Assistant, George honed his skills in various broadcast roles. He then crafted marketing and training materials for Two Men and a Truck before joining the digital content team at CBS Detroit and CBS Radio, becoming a valued video expert and Web Producer supporting multiple radio stations.

In April 2021, George joined Brand25 Media, later rebranded as Make The Turn, as Director of Media, where he leads digital content production strategies. Outside work, George enjoys hunting, cooking, camping, gaming, and baking shows. Residing in Brighton with his wife and children, George attributes his work ethic and ideals to his parents, embodying the American Dream through faith and hard work.

George Fox

Director of Media

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