Make The Turn Collaborates with Hall Financial & Cade Cunningham

Make The Turn, a leader in creative media production, recently joined forces with Hall Financial and professional basketball player Cade Cunningham to embark on a thrilling corporate video project. The project involved Cunningham spending an afternoon at Hall Financial’s Troy office, filming TV commercials and capturing behind-the-scenes footage. Under the expert direction of Make The Turn’s Director of Media, George Fox, and Assistant Director of Media, Cristina Paglia, this collaboration promises to deliver exceptional video content that showcases the best of Hall Financial and Cade Cunningham.

A Dynamic Day at Hall Financial:

Hall Financial’s Troy office served as the perfect backdrop for this exciting collaboration. Cade Cunningham, widely recognized for his incredible basketball skills, brought his star power to the project as he filmed TV commercials alongside David Hall, the driving force behind Hall Financial. The entire Hall Financial team actively participated in the shoot, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and camaraderie that fueled the creative process.

The Expertise of Make The Turn’s Media Team:

Under the proficient direction of George Fox, Make The Turn’s Director of Media, and the assistance of Assistant Director of Media, Cristina Paglia, the video shoot was meticulously orchestrated. George Fox, renowned for his keen eye and ability to bring authentic moments to life, took charge of directing and filming the project. With their collective expertise and creativity, Fox and Paglia ensured that every aspect of the shoot was captured with precision, promising an exceptional end result.

George Fox said, “Directing and filming this shoot with Hall Financial and Cade Cunningham has been an absolute privilege. The dedication and talent displayed by the entire team have made this project truly remarkable. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Hall Financial for their collaboration and for providing such a dynamic setting for our shoot. Special thanks also go to Cade Cunningham for bringing his star power and professionalism to the project. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such incredible individuals and to Make The Turn for their unwavering support. Together, we have created something truly special, and I can’t wait to share the outstanding video content that has resulted from this collaboration.”

Anticipation for Exceptional Video Content:

As the project progresses, both Make The Turn and Hall Financial eagerly anticipate the release of the video content. The collaboration between Hall Financial, Cade Cunningham, and the talented media team from Make The Turn holds the promise of delivering exceptional video commercials that capture the essence of both Hall Financial’s success and Cade Cunningham’s star power. From the behind-the-scenes footage to the TV commercials, viewers can expect a captivating visual experience that will resonate with them on multiple levels.

Celebrating Collaboration and Creativity:

The partnership between Make The Turn, Hall Financial, and Cade Cunningham is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity. By harnessing each participant’s strengths, the project aims to create video content that goes beyond mere promotional efforts. The resulting videos will not only showcase the exceptional services and values of Hall Financial but also provide viewers with a deeper connection to Cade Cunningham and the collaboration process itself.

Looking Ahead:

With the project now underway, Make The Turn, Hall Financial, and Cade Cunningham are excited about the incredible video content and footage emerging from this collaboration. The dedication and passion of George Fox, Cristina Paglia, and the entire team at Make The Turn, combined with the energy and talent of Cade Cunningham and the Hall Financial team, ensures that the final videos will be nothing short of remarkable.


The corporate video project directed by Make The Turn, in collaboration with Hall Financial and Cade Cunningham, promises to be a captivating visual journey. With George Fox and Cristina Paglia at the helm, the shoot captured the dynamic energy of Hall Financial’s Troy office and the star power of Cade Cunningham. As anticipation builds, we eagerly await the release of exceptional video content that will highlight the best of Hall Financial and showcase the collaborative efforts between all involved parties. Stay tuned for a truly unforgettable visual experience by Make The Turn, Hall Financial, and Cade Cunningham.

“Collaborating with David Hall and the entire Hall Financial team, and working with Cade Cunningham on this corporate video project has been an incredible experience. It’s a testament to the power of teamwork and creativity in delivering exceptional content. We’re excited to share the remarkable results of this collaboration with our audience, as it embodies our commitment to producing engaging and impactful media. The combined talents of our team, Hall Financial, and Cade Cunningham have truly made this project a standout.” – Mike Sullivan, Founder/CEO of Make The Turn.

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