Kyle Bogenschutz | Co-Founder & CEO

Kyle Bogenschutz

Kyle Bogenschutz is a Metro Detroit native, born and raised in Livonia, Michigan, attending and graduating from Livonia Churchill High School in 2007. 

An athlete his entire life, Kyle was cut from the 8th-grade basketball team at Robert Frost Middle School. Using this as motivation for the next calendar year, Kyle worked hard enough to secure the final spot on the freshmen basketball team and would go on to be the only player from that 8th-grade team to play all four years in the Churchill basketball program, eventually as the starting point guard and voted team captain in his senior season. Kyle credits that disappointment in 8th grade as the fuel that lit a competitive fire in him moving forward. Kyle also excelled on the soccer field, tallying three years on the varsity squad. 

Initially, Kyle had dreams of becoming a college basketball coach and began coaching youth basketball while still in high school, quickly latching onto an assistant coaching job at Churchill immediately upon graduation. Because of this, Kyle elected to stay home for college instead of going away, coaching, working part-time jobs, and attending Schoolcraft College. 

Never wanting to put all of his eggs in one basket, Kyle took an interest in marketing and broadcasting, eventually attending Specs Howard in the spring of 2009 to explore the world of television, radio, graphic design, and multimedia journalism. This would lead Kyle to attend Madonna University the following year to finish out his degree in Communications and Broadcasting, putting an end to Kyle’s previous dream of being a college basketball coach!

Very quickly, upon beginning his education at Specs Howard and Madonna University, Kyle realized internships and immediate experience were going to be critical for him to get ahead in the business. His first internship came with STATE CHAMPS! Sports Network, a local high school sports/recruiting show covering football, basketball, and various other sports. 

Kyle was quickly hired during his internship and made his on-camera TV debut in November 2009. Kyle would expand his role as a host working part-time for STATE CHAMPS! Through 2015.

Kyle’s second internship came in the spring of 2010 with Cumulus Media Ann Arbor, working for the morning show on Sports Talk 1050AM WTKA. Within a month, Kyle was hired after volunteering to fill in as a producer on their sister station, 102.9 W4 Country. Quickly proving himself, Kyle earned the opportunity to begin hosting live shows as a DJ on W4 country in the middle of the summer of 2010, while also doing sports updates in the mornings on WTKA. During this time, Kyle was hired by 990 WDEO to be the engineer for Notre Dame football broadcasts every week, eventually producing a nationally syndicated talk show. In late 2010 and through 2011, Kyle was given the 7 pm-midnight time slot as the DJ on W4 Country, while also running the promotions department for Cumulus Media. 

In December of 2010, Kyle was hired by FOX Sports Interactive in a part-time role covering Michigan football and basketball, as well as recruiting for both sports, all in a multimedia capacity…writing, editing, shooting, reporting, and hosting shows. Kyle would continue working in part-time roles for STATE CHAMPS!, FOX Sports Interactive, Cumulus Media Ann Arbor, 990 WDEO, and various play-by-play stints through January 2013. 

In 2013, FOX Sports Interactive came to Kyle with a full-time offer as a multimedia reporter covering Michigan football/basketball, upon which he accepted. Looking to continue moving up the ladder in the radio industry, Kyle was hired by 97.1 The Ticket in January 2014 as a part-time overnight on-air host and sports update anchor. Working overnight at 97.1 and full-time during the days at FOX Sports throughout 2014, 97.1 offered a full-time contract to Kyle in 2015 to expand his role as a host. Kyle would eventually resign from his position with FOX Sports Interactive to focus on his career as a radio host.

In the summer of 2017, Kyle was paired with Bob “Wojo” Wojnowski to form the “Bogey & Wojo Show” 6-8 pm on 97.1 The Ticket. Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit then hired Kyle as a part-time sports anchor in the fall of 2018. 

In late 2019, Kyle began having conversations with his co-worker and eventual business partner Mike Sullivan about marketing opportunities outside of the broadcasting world and the possibilities of growing a business. Those conversations intensified in early 2020 as Kyle and Mike began securing clients and building the foundation of what would quickly become Brand25 Media/Make The Turn Marketing. 

Kyle turned down contract offers from 97.1 The Ticket in early 2020, eventually leaving the station in May 2020 to dive into full-time growing Brand25/MTT. Kyle also officially left his position with Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit in December 2020. 

In two short years, B25/MTT grew quicker than either Kyle or Mike could’ve anticipated, doubling the business from 2021 to 2022, all while expanding to a current team of 8 team members with 50+ partners engaged in various digital media projects.

On January 1, 2023, Sullivan and Brand25 officially rebranded their digital marketing firm to Make The Turn. A name that fits perfectly, not only because of their love of golf but mainly because it speaks to what the firm does best: Helping businesses make the turn into the digital world and get to the next level. 

As one of the founders and CEO, Kyle works very closely on content strategy, proper partner messaging, and execution of digital campaigns. In addition to overseeing and fulfilling day-to-day tasks with the team, Kyle’s communication skills, networking, and overall vision for the true structure of the growth of Make The Turn represent just some of his responsibilities. Going above and beyond for our partners is of the utmost importance to see them achieve success, all while putting our team in positions to succeed as well.

Bogenschutz currently resides in Troy, Michigan, with his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Blake Emery and nine-year-old border collie mix, Macy. One of Kyle’s biggest regrets is not picking up the game of golf at an earlier age as it has become his biggest hobby, and hopes his daughter ends up enjoying the golf as well! 

In Kyle’s Own Words:

Coming from a traditional media background, working with partners in that industry always felt like more of a “transaction” than genuinely getting in the trenches and doing everything possible to ensure their investment is worth it. At Make The Turn, we pride ourselves on not just delivering eyeballs or impressions, but truly helping partners grow their businesses by identifying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and developing a strategy to achieve those goals.

Communication and forming a true working relationship with our partners is of the utmost importance, something myself and Mike identified from the very beginning based on our personal and professional backgrounds. This is a daily point of emphasis to our team to constantly be thinking of positive touch points with our partners, potential connections we can make with no expectation of a return, and going above and beyond to network further outside of your standard business hours. I’m incredibly proud of the foundation we’ve built, the work we do daily, and the level of care our team puts into our work for all of our great partners and any partners we might work with in the future!”

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