Growing the Game: Make The Turn & MiGCSA’s Impactful Partnership

Make The Turn’s partnership with MiGCSA has once again showcased the incredible work of golf course superintendents, this time through an exciting project at Lyon Oaks Golf Course in South Lyon, Michigan. As a leading digital marketing firm in Metro Detroit, Make The Turn was thrilled to be involved in promoting and documenting the First Green field trip event organized by MiGCSA.

Heading the project was Make The Turn’s Director of Media, George Fox, who was on-site to capture the essence of this impactful event through stunning photographs and captivating videos. The result was a highlight video that truly encapsulated the essence of the day and the valuable educational experience it provided to the participating fifth-grade students.

“As I witnessed the transformative power of the First Green field trip event, I was reminded of the profound impact that golf courses and their dedicated superintendents can have on our environment and the next generation. It’s a privilege to capture these moments and inspire others to appreciate the beauty and sustainability of this incredible sport.” – George Fox, Director of Media at Make The Turn

First Green, an innovative environmental and STEM education outreach program, serves as the driving force behind this remarkable initiative. The program cleverly utilizes golf courses as environmental learning labs, offering a unique and engaging platform for students to explore the interconnections between golf and the environment. Under the guidance of golf course superintendents and local representatives, the students embark on field trips that encompass a wide range of activities.

During these field trips, the students have the opportunity to delve into various environmental aspects of the golf course, including testing water quality, collecting soil samples, identifying plants, designing plantings, and even assisting in stream bed restoration. They gain insights into the ecology and environmental impact of golf courses while also discovering the multifaceted nature of the sport itself.

It’s important to recognize that golf courses extend beyond their role as venues for recreation and economic benefits. These vast expanses of land harbor thriving ecosystems with lush turf, trees, and diverse vegetation. They provide essential wildlife habitats, contribute to oxygen production, and act as natural filters for surface water. By immersing the students in this rich environment, the First Green program enables them to witness firsthand the symbiotic relationship between golf courses and the natural world.

The First Green program is under the umbrella of the GCSAA Foundation, the philanthropic organization of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). Through initiatives like this, the GCSAA Foundation actively promotes environmental stewardship and supports educational opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in turfgrass management and golf course operations.

The partnership between Make The Turn and the Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association to showcase the First Green field trip event highlights the power of collaboration in promoting both environmental education and the important work of golf course superintendents. By leveraging the expertise of digital marketing professionals and the dedication of these passionate individuals, the impact of programs like First Green can be amplified, reaching wider audiences and inspiring future generations to care for the environment.

“We are immensely grateful for the longstanding partnership we have forged with MiGCSA over the years. Their unwavering support and collaboration have allowed us to showcase the exceptional work of golf course superintendents and their positive impact on the golfing community and the environment. Together, we continue to make a difference and inspire others through our shared commitment to excellence.” – Mike Sullivan, Founder/CEO of Make The Turn

As Make The Turn continues to support MiGCSA and its endeavors, the hope is that more golf courses and communities will recognize the value of such initiatives and actively participate in promoting environmental awareness and STEM education. Through continued partnerships and collaborative efforts, we can pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future, both on and off the golf course.

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